Based on your readings for this unit, determine what data reporting model was used in your chosen study to examine the organizational issue.

This is the second assignment in your Action Research Project. Begin by reviewing the project description and the Unit 9 instructions for the final project assignment, which will include a section presenting a revised version of your work in this assignment. Also, be sure to examine the Data Collection and Ethical Concerns Scoring Guide before you begin, in order to familiarize yourself with the requirements of this assignment. Utilize the thinking process presented in the Riverbend City: Diving Into Action Research Components multimedia presentation as you develop this assignment, even if you are not using the Riverbend City scenario for your course project.

In each assignment going forward, you will include the content of your previous assignments and add new content as assigned. In your Unit 2 assignment, you created the Introduction and Background for the Study sections of your final project report. In this assignment, you will add the Description of the Research Context for the Study section. You will examine the context surrounding your chosen study by researching other organizational reports from the field. You will also present the context within your chosen study, including information about the data and participants involved in the study. In addition, you will address the ethical implications of the research and data gathering for your chosen study.

Assignment Instructions
Based on your readings for this unit, determine what data reporting model was used in your chosen study to examine the organizational issue. Conduct research on data reporting models that have been used in the human services field for studies similar to your chosen study and be prepared to discuss them. Also, examine your chosen research study closely in order to address each of the questions outlined below.

Copy the content from your Unit 2 assignment into a new document. Make any updates to this content that may be called for, based on instructor feedback or other project developments. Then, create a new section, titled Description of the Research Context for the Study. For the Description of the Research Context for the Study component of your Action Research Project, address the points below.

Note for learners using the Riverbend City scenario for the project: As in the Unit 2 assignment, you may find you need more information for the project than is provided in the Riverbend City multimedia presentations. If so, create realistic information, using your own local city or community population or data.

Description of the Research Context for the Study
Discuss important information concerning the data and the participants for your chosen study.

Identify where and when the study was conducted, including where the data was gathered.
Explain what was done in the setting to create a context from which the data was collected.
Discuss who the participants in the research were, and describe how they were selected.
Identify the data reporting model (or models) used in your chosen study.
Reference how the data reporting model(s) were used by at least two other organizations in similar organizational reports.
Discuss how the data storage was managed, so that participants’ identifying information remained separate (from charts, etcetera).
Examine the ethical implications of your chosen study on the human services issue.

State the relationship of the researcher(s) to the participants of the study.
State whether it was necessary for the researcher(s) to gain permission (informed consent) from participants to conduct the study. If so, describe those measures.
Explain how the researcher(s) assured participants that they were protected from harm and that they would not be exposed to risks.
Explain how participant confidentiality was protected.
Describe how the identifying information was protected.
Describe how vulnerable populations’ (such as children, elderly, and disabled populations’) data was protected.
Relate how confidentiality and informed consent were implemented in the study.
State how long the data is to be kept.
Describe who has access to the data.
Submission Requirements