Real Experience of Illness Task Description: ESSAY LENGTH: 2500 WORDS This assignment requires you to write a 2500 word essay considering the experience of illness as it is related to a real case. “Experience is not an unstable irrational and emotive concept but rather it is the world, it is knowing.” Lumby (1994) “It may be that the most important element of care that we offer….is our constantly deepening respect for the lived experience, and the realization that what we see on the outside may be just a reflection, and often not an accurate one, of the living that is occurring within. The greatest compliment then that may be given to a carer is to be invited into the lived world of a person. Dittman-Kohli (1990) There are more than just physiological aspects involved in how a person faced with a health or capacity challenge experiences an illness, ageing or a disability. We have come to understand that each lived experience has sensory, emotional and cognitive/behavioral elements. A biopsychosocial-spiritual model of illness suggests that the experience is an amalgam/ a complex interrelationship of all these aspects of illness. It is also often something that can be difficult for a person to express in words or break into its component parts. There are many theories concerning how a person constructs his or her internal ‘experience’ of an event or situation. This construction is unique to the individual. In this essay you are to explore the experience of illness through the use of both the theoretical and empirical literature combined with the story of a real experience of illness as offered by a client. Within the first couple of weeks of the semester a recorded interview with a client facing an illness challenge will be placed on the COUN7015 Blackboard site. You are to watch the interview and consider this experience of illness as this client relates it and discuss this experience with respect to both the theoretical and empirical literature surrounding the experience of illness in general, as well as the lierature concerning the particular health challenge faced by this client from the interview. As such you will be offering an analysis according to the literature of this specific case ie., a case study. In many ways this is the form of writing of what may be occurring in your head in terms of therapy process ) as you work with this client (Assessment ‘Hearing the Story – Hypothesis Generation – Further Assessment _Intervention). To remind you of the process you arte thinking through, the document “Process of Therapy Expanation” will put up on the COUN7015 Blackboard site. The essay therefore will have a number of aspects organized in a coherent manner. Below are aspects that you should think about and research and may find valuable when discussing this case: You may consider and discuss what is meant by the term experience of illness (the experience of having a health challenge). Consider the theories and means concerning how an internal experience of illness may be constructed. In other words, how does theory and science suggest that we take the input from the health challenge and internalize it to become uniquely our own. You can exemplify particular theories with pertinent suggestions based on the interview material You may consider the literature associated with how one aspect of the lived experience may affect other aspects of the experience of the person dealing with a capacity challenge (The Story) You may consider the various factors that influence the experience of illness eg., considering all aspects of the biopsychosocial-spiritual model You may consider models that explain some of the behaviors / experiences eg., health beliefs, meaning etc. You may consider and justify what you identify to be the most influential aspects affecting the illness experience of the person in the interview. (This offers a basic case formulation for this case as you see it).Case Formulation) On the basis of what you have heard in the interview, the hypotheses you have developed and the literature, you may suggest other information that you would like to know from this client that you believe would assist in case formulation refinement (Further Assessment) By consideration of the literature concerning people facing the type of challenges as discussed by your client, you may suggest basic approaches to the care you would consider may be valuable for this client at this time and even perhaps in the future. (This may include both approaches offered through you as a counsellor and also broader interventions to people facing such health challenges). (Intervewntion) In writing the case report you would likely offer a brief outline of the case followed by a more indepth analysis of the case linking it, relating it and/or explaining it through the use of the literature. Hence you would be offering literature that is consistent with the experience and also attempting to explain reactions that may not have been consistent with the available literature. It is very important that your discussion and the arguments presented are supported by strong empirical evidence (research studies) not just theoretical and opinion articles
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