What are their thoughts about immigration?

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Course name: EDS 117

Previous order (ID “S-3549-5522-3753”) you written for me is the “Investigative assignment 2”, this order is “Investigative assignment 3”
Investigative Assignment #3 – Learn about concepts of “minority,” “immigration” (Wk 6)

Part A – Talk to three people about the meanings of “minority” and “immigration.”

Ask them, “When you hear the word minority, what immediately comes to mind?” “When you hear the word immigration, what immediately comes to mind?” “What images do these words conjure in their minds?” “Where have they seen these images?” “What are their thoughts about immigration?” Feel free to ask other questions.

Section #2 – In 1 ½ -2 pages, use your interviews and one reading from week 6 to discuss what you learned about perceptions of “minority” and “immigration.” You must refer to specific points in Sections #1 in your discussion. You must refer to specific points regarding the main research results discussed in the reading. Think about any connections between the reading and the interviews. Think about whether or not the interviews seem similar to the points in the reading or contradict any of the points in the reading.