Write the summary of The Eyes That See The Heart

1 Southwest Bible College and Seminary Requirements For Ph.D, Dissertation: _______________________________________________________________________ The Doctoral dissertation is a research project that describes how you proved or disproved your chosen hypothesis or problem. It is a comprehensive result of your own original research and the results of that research. You should select a topic that reflects your major field of study and have it approved by the review board of S.B.C.S. Please follow the guidelines below when working on, and submitting your project. 1. Your paper should include the following parts: A. Title page B. Copyright page C. Acknowledgement page D. Abstract E. Table of Contents F. List of Tables G. List of Illustrations H. Chapter 1 Introduction or Statement of the Problem I. Chapter 2 Review of Literature and Research Questions J. Chapter 3 Methodology K. Chapter 4 Results L. Chapter 5 Discussion M. References N. Appendices O.