7.3 Unit Assignment: Spiritual Growth Journal

Unit Seven Introduction Here we are at the end of our journey together. However, it is not the end of your journey in Christ nor is it the beginning. This week you will submit your final evaluation assignment, which is your discipleship journey paper. It has been said that a person really knows and understands an idea when he or she can apply it to their own life. Your paper will be a culmination of all that we have talked about and explored in this course. As we have discussed, it is important for the form of an educational (or discipleship) experience to match the content. Because this course is so process-focused, it makes little sense to have an objective, multiple-choice exam at the end of the course. The form would not match our content. So for your final evaluation you will continue to process and continue your journey. Your final evaluation assignment is in itself a work of spiritual discipline. May we never lead others to places we fear or avoid to tread ourselves. Unit Seven is the final unit in this course and as such will serve to tie together what you have learned about developmental theories, spiritual formation and the Biblical text. Obviously the Biblical text takes priority over all other texts. It has been said that all truth is Gods truth. So any truth located in developmental theories will not conflict with the Biblical narrative. Embrace what is good about the developmental theories. That which directly contradicts the Biblical narrative and authority must be re-examined and possibly even discarded. ————————————————————————————————————————————— Unit Seven Outcomes Upon completion of this unit you should be able to: 1. Analyze one’s own development in comparison to current human development theory. 2. Identify the major elements of the developmental theories we have studied. 3. Explain the basic principles of Christian spiritual formation. 4. Develop a plan for discipleship and faith development for the individual, the family, and the church. 5. Explain relationships between discipleship and spiritual formation. 6. Keep a spiritual journal of one’s growth. 7. Share one’s experiences in Christian formation with a small group or with the students. Text/Media Textbook: Teaching for Spiritual Growth Textbook: Invitation to a Journey Textbook: Renovation of the Heart Media Link: Education in Bible Times 8. Teaching in Old Testament 9. Teaching in New Testament 10. Teaching in Old Testament 11. Teaching in the New Testament Instructions 1. Review/re-read the resources to enable you to sufficiently address issues raised in the final project.