A business plan for a Rental Agents for overseas students from China

Briefly state the Aims and Objectives of this Project: In the academic year 2016/17, nearly a third of all non-EU students studying in England were from China (HESA, 2018). Not only the number of the Chinese students exceeds any other nationality, but also shows a significant increase by 14% regarding to the academic year 2012/2013. On average, 75-80 thousand of the Chinese students needs to be accommodated in England each year (HESA, 2018). The UK has various forms of student accommodation available from halls of residence, self-catered halls, student flats and private accommodation (International Students Portal). Unfortunately, most landlords prefer European tenants or at least those who have a UK-based guarantor. Whats more – international students often have to pay a lump sum of six months rent at a time, setting the rent price for international students on a much higher level than for the others (Independent, 2016). To save time, money and make the flat hunting experience less stressful, the Rental Agent for overseas students from China is planned to be launched. Thanks to knowledge of the real estate market in England and close relations with the biggest universities in China, the company could provide the customized help for finding a satisfactory accommodation efficiently. detail of paper I. Summary Prospects: about the industry commission structures of services: elder schoolmate (already living abroad) Key customers: Students from an international joint university. Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University based in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. competitive advantages Quality — Reliable/Transparency easily find and connect in the school. Give the live show about the house/flat for customers before terms begin. Unique — combined with class timetable Proposed location — Fee — II. Market plan Market research: 1. Industry and target market 2. Current demand and Growth potential 3. Barriers 4.Customers 5.competitive anlaysis Promotion Advertising Promotional budget Pricing Distribution channels Sales forecast 1. Best guess 2. Worst guess III. Operational Plan Staff Number Type of staff Quality of existing staff Pay structure The workload Suppliers – Householder and apartment company Amount of available rooms Price range of available rooms Legal environment Licensing requirements for working Permits Work and safety, health or environmental regulations Special regulations Insurance coverage IV. Financial Plan 12-month profit and loss forecast Forecast cashflow Break-even analysis V. Refining the Plan Methods used to set prices Improve the labour productivity How to make a sustainable earning for whole year Strategy for maintaining client base