Advise each claimant on the applicable law.

Plasto plc has its seat in England. It has a factory in Spain, which makes plastic goods. Luigi, habitually resident in Italy, is the manager of Plastos factory in Spain, which is near the border with Portugal. Owing to Luigis negligent failure to take reasonable care in supervising the manufacturing process, there was an explosion in the factory. Mona, who is habitually resident in Italy, and Alfonse, habitually resident in Spain, were both employed at Plastos Spanish factory at the time of the explosion and suffered injuries. As a result of his injuries, Alfonse who had been offered a job in England is unable to take up employment. The explosion caused damage to the house of Carlos, habitually resident in Portugal. The house of Carlos was located in Portugal, near the border with Spain, close to Plastos factory. Mona, Alfonse and Carlos wish to sue Luigi and Plasto plc. Advise each claimant on the applicable law.