Analyze how elements of American culture affect the American dream.

Prompt: In this final paper, analyze how elements of American culture affect the American dream. First, provide a definition of the American dream and then uUse a combination of the following elements to help support your definition. You will do this by explaining how the elements affect the American dream, thereby, creating an analysis of American culture and the dream. Advertising and consumerism Media and social media Film and television The Model Family Education Technology Money and Opportunity Gender, Race, Class, and Identity Pulling from your own thoughts and ideas, class discussions, and your research, use the above elements to explain how they affect the American dream. What you are doing is creating a unique definition of the dream by combining certain elements from the list above and then pulling from your research support your definition. You want to flesh out how or why the element is significant to the dream; meaning, you are examining how and why it is important to your definition. Use the TED talks, essays, the supplemental videos, and class lectures as resources for your essay. How to cite a class lecture: Speaker last name, first name. Title of Lecture. ENC 1102 Class Discussion, Florida State College at Jacksonville. Course Lecture. How to cite your own essays: Last Name, First Name. Essay Title. ENC 1102 Course Essay, Florida State College at Jacksonville, 2018.