Analyze the design and typographical aspects of a book (recently published).

Notice: You need to find a book!!!! This assignment consists of a Book Design Analysis (worth 10%, experiential learning). In other words, you have to analyze the design and typographical aspects of a book (recently published). This Book Design Analysis must take into account the elements and principles of typography and book design covered in Weeks 9, 10, and 11 lectures (slides and readings). Lectures and slides on Bibliography might be useful as well. The grading rubric is mainly based on how many elements and principles of book design and typography you will be able to identify in the book you are analyzing. In order to conduct your analysis, you are invited to choose a book recently published (2018 or 2019). You can pick a book from home I encourage you to go to a bookstore, so you have a wider selection to choose from, which means more chances to find a book relevant for your analysis. I do not encourage you to pick up a book from a library. In fact, library books usually don’t have a dust jacket (which is an important component of book design). NB: if you choose a book from a bookstore, you don’t have to buy it! Just spend some time at the bookstore to analyze your book, and most importantly, take dozens of photos. In fact, the photos you will take will be an essential component of your analysis (you have to embed them into your analysis). Images of the book downloaded from Internet cannot be used. You can only use the photos of the book that you took by yourself. E-book or PDF books cannot be used. Only printed books and, again, only photos of a physical printed book that you took by yourself. Once you have chosen the book and taken photos, you can start your analysis, taking into account the elements and principles of typography and book design. All visual elements of the book must be analyzed, such as the dust jacket, as well as the internal pages, layout, font, visual aids, etc. Your analysis must be very visual, which means providing comments about the photos that you took, highlighting visual details, particulars of the typographical elements, etc. Eventually, you will put all together and upload your analysis as a PDF file on Quercus. There are no limits in terms of word-count or number of pages, thus there is no minimum or maximum number of pages/words. I’m confident you will be able to present your analysis in the best way possible.