Analyze the theme of intellectual progress in the writings of Voltaire, d’Alembert, and/or Rousseau.

has a succinct, attention-grabbing introduction that culminates in a thesis• has a clear, well-stated, insightful thesis• keeps a sharp focus on the thesis throughout the paper; all parts of the paper advance thecentral argument• is organized in a clear, logical manner, with effective transitions between paragraphs andmain sections of the paper• reflects careful, thoughtful reading and understanding of the source material• displays independent thought and insight• supports claims with well-chosen evidence• cites all sources accurately and consistently using a standard reference method• is factually correct in all claims• has an effective conclusion that suggests implications or questions raised by yourargument• shows care in matters of grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation• has a title and indicates page numbers*Sources will be attached plus one hyperlink*: