Annotated bibliography & RESEARCH PROJECT

Assignment 1a: Annotated bibliography Due date: 14/09/2018 Marks: 30% Length 1500 words Submission: Online?Turnitin? Task: In the first weeks of the semester you have been examining how the cultures of different communities affect the way they interact with other members of their own communities and members of other communities. For this assignment you are asked to find 5 articles/ chapters(Use the journal articles provide by the client, please) in books about culture and hospitality that explore two of Hofstedes cultural dimensions. These factors are: Individualism/collectivism Power distance You are then required to write an annotated bibliography, using your sources. Example of entry for Assessment 1 About 300 words in length (one paragraph). Your annotation must include the following information: The reference in APA6 Background context of the article Any weaknesses but if you dont find any thats OK! Why is this article important? How will it help your research? Example Hofstede, G., Hofstede, G.J., & Minkov, M. (2010) Cultures and organizations: Software of the Mind. Retrieved from https://ebookcentral. In this chapter Hofstede discusses one of the cultural dimensions he identified in his research into culture. This dimension, which he named masculinity, refers to the extent to which gender roles in a particular society are seen as different. In masculine societies men and women have different roles while in feminine societies there is no strong division between male and female roles. While all societies have both masculine and feminine traits they tend to be either more masculine or more feminine in orientation. In masculine societies the emphasis is placed on being better than others while in feminine societies the relationship between people is stressed. Hofstede argues that in terms of work, employers in masculine societies place great importance on earning good salaries and having good promotion prospects, being recognised for their work achievements and finding their work stimulating. In contrast, workers in more feminine societies value good relationships with their managers and co-workers, and job security. This dimension is important to managers in hospitality as, depending on their orientation, staff respond better to different managerial approaches. My research will attempt to gauge which cultures have a more feminine leaning and how this impacts on their attitudes to the workplace. (200 words) Nazarian, Atkinson, & Foroudi (2017) Breaking down an article for summary. Nazarian, A., Atkinson, P., & Foroudi, P. (2017). Influence of national culture and balanced organizational culture on the hotel industrys performance. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 63, 22-32. National culture vs organisational culture important to be aware of the impact of national culture in the hotel industry. People from different cultures react differently to challenges within the organisation. Impact of Hofstedes four cultural dimensions, PD, UA, MAS, IND tested. Data collected from managers and staff at 98 hotels in London, nearly 70% female, nearly a third between 25-34, and almost half professionals. 980 questionnaires sent out 260 useable returns (OR 27%) Only MAS did not have an effect on the balance of the organizational culture. Balance of all four dimensions required for balanced organizational culture. The importance of doing your maths Quality of articles chosen 10% Presentation 10% Dont really feature in word count Contextualisation 20% Critical summary 60% Do the maths -lets take 300 words Contextualisation = 80-90 words Critical summary = 210-220 words But remember its flexible! Assessment 1: Annotated bibliography (Please note that NO separate mark has been allocated for the language used in this assignment. The mark in each section will reflect your accurate use of academic language). Possible mark 10 Your mark Quality of articles chosen Relevance Interest 20 Contextualisation Background to article explained clearly and succinctly Enough information given to enable understanding without unnecessary detail 60 Critical summary Central argument identified Value and relevance of the articles clearly reflected Weaknesses identified Article linked to students research project 10 Presentation According to template Referencing accurate 100 ASSIGNMENT 1b RESEARCH PROJECT Due date: Research project: 24 October 2018 Marks Research report: 50% of total Length 3000 words Assessment brief: Introduction Overall research project brief In this assignment you will be examining how different cultures affect hospitality workers attitudes towards their jobs, basing your questions on one or two of Hofstedes dimensions. You will compare the differing attitudes of two groups of your own choosing, Chinese/ Brazil hospitality workers. During class time, you will self-select into small groups (4 -5 students) Based on your work in assignment 1 in which you reviewed relevant journal articles you are required to design 10 questions (Will provide by the student) around cultural influences. You will be provided with opportunity in class to discuss the articles and the questions you wish to ask. I will also help you with the design of the questions. All questionnaires will need to be signed off by me before students are allowed to use them. You will also be guided as to how to write up your research. Each student in the group will then be asked to find 5-10 participants to take part in the survey. Who these participants should be will be discussed in class and decided by the group. You will make use of an online survey instrument . Survey Monkey or Google docs to collect data. Because you will not be working with large groups and do not require the questionnaire to be online for a long period of time, you will be able to use the service free of change. Using an online questionnaire also ensures participant anonymity. You will be required to write a report of a particular aspect (chosen by each student) of the pooled data which will be available for everyone in the group. Marking guides Assessment 1b: Marking guide (Please note that NO separate mark has been allocated for the language used in this report. The mark in each section will reflect your accurate use of academic language). Possible mark Your mark 5 Introduction Sets out aim and scope of project clearly 30 Literature Review Introduces the themes covered in the review. Focuses on two of Hofstedes cultural dimensions and gives reason for their selection. Critically evaluates recent articles on the topic and shows evidence of wide reading. Succinctly summarises the key points and reaches a logical conclusion 5 Methodology Outlines development of questionnaire (which is attached) and the criteria for selection of participants. 50 Findings and Discussion Reports succinctly on project findings using graphs and charts where appropriate. Links findings back to the literature review themes. Draws supported conclusions. Describes limitations. Explores implications for the hospitality industry.