Assess the Influence of Organizational Structure on Change and Culture

Based on your knowledge of the organization you have been studying, prepare an assessment of the organizational structure. Then, determine if this structure supports a culture of change or if it would be better served to consider a new model that would facilitate change and development needed for success. Discuss how this structure would support the two (2) most important development objectives needed by the organization for improved health. references Contextual influences on the corporate entrepreneurship-performance relationship: A longitudinal analysis. Shaker A.Zahra?Jeffrey G.Covin? Journal of Business Venturing Volume 10, Issue 1, January 1995, Pages 43-58 Structure Determining Factors of Business Organization Adam Kalowski. International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, Vol. 6, No. 3, June 2015 Brazeal, D. V., Schenkel, M. T., & Kumar, S. (2014). Beyond the organizational bounds in CE research: Exploring personal and relational factors in a flat organizational structure. Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, 19(2), 78-106. Retrieved from Chung, H. M., & Khan, M. B. (2012). The effects of outsourcing of information technology on the employment of computer professionals in the united states. International Journal of Management, 29(3), 371-382. Retrieved from GROYSBERG, B., LEE, J., PRICE, J., & CHENG, J. Y. (2018). The Leaders Guide to Corporate Culture. (cover story). Harvard Business Review, 96(1), 44-52.
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