Assessment 4 (Reflective Exercise) – Subject : Punishment and the state

Australian English Writer Subject: Punishment and the state Criminal Justice Assessment 4 (Reflective Exercise) – Explanation Reflective Exercise Value: 30% Due date: 19 -Sep-2018 Return date: 14-Oct-2018 Length: 1600 words Task Choose any three (3) of the tutorial readings or video clips discused in the tutorials throughout this subject. The task is 1600 words in total: Part A is 1200 words and Part B is 400 words. Part A: Write 400 words for each reading or clip (that is write 1200 words in total for all 3 readings). For each of your chosen readings or clip, describe: – The source of the reading / clip (ie author, producer, date of publication etc); – The content (ie, what is the issue being discussed?); – What the perspective of the author reveals about ideas of punishment that you have discussed in the lectures and tutorials. In other words: i) Who is writing/speaking? ii) What is their position on the issue, for eg, is the article written from the perspective of a father of a convicted prisoner; a victim of crime etc.and ii) whether this perspective typical of people from this background or who have had this experience. – Explain how each of your chosen readings made you feel. Describe what you learnt from the reading or clip that you didn’t know about punishment previously. Part B: 400 words Referring to your chosen readings or clips, discuss how your views about punishment have changed in the course of this subject. If your views have not changed, explain why they have remained the same. NOTE: * You must use APA referencing. Assessments which are un-referenced or under-referenced will receive an automatic fail
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