Business Strategy Formation assignment

Innovation represents an opportunity for business professionals to take their organizations to new levels and achieve further success. By using innovative ideas to drive business strategy, leaders can more effectively capitalize on existing strengths and opportunities. For organizations like Business Owners Benefits Association, or BOBA, innovation can come from a variety of sources, but each creates a complex system of knowledge and success. To prepare for this Discussion, review the video case (transcript) study featuring Eric Barton and his organization BOBA, and consider his thoughts on the development of a business strategy and the role that innovation plays in doing so. Further, consider the potential implications of adapting innovative business ideas like BOBA in different countries and industries throughout the world. As a global change agent, be sure to utilize scholarly, peer-reviewed resources from the Walden Library to support your research. Post an analysis of the role of innovation in business strategy development within a global context. Your analysis should include the following: A description of BOBAs innovation, including the underlying strategy and specific context for its current success An analysis of the impact of geographic location and surrounding business communities on innovation and strategy development As a global change agent, explain the importance of researching global implementation of innovative business ideas or strategies from the research literature. Be sure to include relevant scholarly examples of successful or unsuccessful global implementations and how they can further influence the understanding of innovation as a component of business strategy. Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this weeks Learning Resources and at least one additional scholarly source (only peer reviewed).