Change Management

This assessment is designed to allow students to apply theory and models of change management and change leadership to a given scenario, identifying the issues and proposing supported recommendations to resolve the issues. Task Details: Using the case as a focus, students need to identify the problems, using change management theory to explain why the problems have arisen, and develop supported recommendations to improve the situation, taking into account the concerns and interests of various stakeholders. Students answer 4 questions at the end of the case study about Heinz QUESTION 01: – Apply cultural web elements include research – 2 references Answer for Question 01 include: – Cultural web – Reference to Heinz – Two academic references about cultural web and cultural audit QUESTION 02: – The forces for (positive) and against (negative) change – 2 references Academic research: – against resistance to change: + Fear. E.g: job loss, more work + Communication – For (positive) + time strategy need to change + poor performance. : Staff leaving QUESTION 03: – New Culture – Strengths – Make a change => better outcome – Measuring QUESTION 04: – Sustainability + Change lasts go forward + Dunphy, Griffith, Benn (old ways)
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