Citizenship Education: An empirical study

Find a news article or empirical article that has some research or statistical content related to what you have learned in this course. The news article you use should come from an established source aimed at a broad audience such as a newspaper or magazine.Your report should focus on explaining the nature and results of the study in terms of the concepts and language we have been developing in this course. Here are some specific questions you might address: What broad question is being addressed by the study? To what populations(s) does the question apply? Is the study experimental or observational? For an experimental study, what are the treatments and outcomes? What are the relevant variables in the study? What is the size of the sample in the study? How were subjects in the sample selected? What are the parameters (means or proportions) of interest? What values of statistics (means or proportions) are reported? What are some interesting strengths or weaknesses of the study? What are the conclusions of the study and why? one page, typed two-paragraph report.