Clinical Evaluation and Case Conceptualization

Clinical Evaluation and Case Conceptualization Use the attached case study and apply Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with the case selected. Write a 11-12 page paper that includes the following two parts. Part 1: Clinical Evaluation This section of the paper (45 pages) should address the following areas: 1. Discuss why Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is a good fit for the case. 2. Address the following points using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy as a lens: o How would you assess the clients in the case study? o Who would you meet with and in what sequence? o What assessment methods, formal or informal, would you use to gather information? o What areas would you consider it most important to investigate? o What are the clinical issues that this case presents? o How would the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy clinical approach describe these issues? o How would this clinical issue be viewed historically? o If the contemporary perspective is different, what has influenced the change? o What are the diversity issues that are relevant to this case? o What aspects of diversity would you need to know more about in order to understand the context of these clients? o Are there ethical, legal, or crisis issues in this case you would need to attend to? o Are there issues brought up by this case that would require you to research the clinical literature to expand your knowledge, or seek supervision to cope with areas of discomfort or bias? o What kind of supervision would you need when working with this case in order to stay within your scope of competent practice? 3. Evaluate the need for referral to community resources. What options for these resources exist in your own Florida community? Be specific. Part 2: Case Conceptualization Based on Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and case study from Part 1 of this assignment, consider these questions: 1. What would the clinical goals be with these clients? 2. How would the goals be formulated in accordance with the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy clinical approach? To answer these questions, complete the following in Part 2 of the paper (68 pages): Using the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy theory, develop a basic, systemically-based treatment plan for use with these clients. One option would be to choose at least one short-term, medium-term, and long-term goal that is targeted at the whole system or chosen sub-systems, depending on the case, then identify specific interventions from the theory that you will use to achieve each goal. However, your treatment plan should be driven by Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. Remember, interventions are therapist actions which encourage, invite, or support change. o You may find that the nature of the case suggests interventions that do not fit with your chosen theoryfor example, psycho education about birth control options, when you are using Bowen family therapy. You may include these in your treatment plan as long as you articulate a clinically sound rationale for doing so, grounded in professional literature. Discuss how the application of your treatment takes into account the diversity issues relevant to this case. How might SFBT theory or interventions need to be adapted to be culturally sensitive? Discuss how your own identitiesbeing a male, African American, 30 years old, with a Christian belief, may impact the work with these clients.