Compare and contrast between having a romantic relationship over a platonic relationship.

In this paper, you will write a paper on a solution or multiple solutions, based on your semester’s topic. You will need to choose a problem that is central to a wide variety of audiences and it should also be related to the cause/effect essay. You will do research for this paper, analyze it, and present that research alongside your solution(s) to help support your claims with thoughtful and appropriate evidence. You should approach this essay by first defining a problem and offering some possible solutions, referring back to the proposal/solution notes and powerpoints we looked at or will look at soon. In addition, you will also use different elements of your definitional essay and cause/effect essays to present your information. As you are addressing a problem and solution, you might first divide the larger parts of the issue and classify them into smaller, more manageable parts and how those can be solved and what the effect of solving, or not solving, this problem could be.