Based on the data you found using the Cost of Living Comparison Calculator, answer the following questions: Of the two cities you chose, which city is more expensive? What is the difference in costs? Would you expect an employee to need a raise to move to the more expensive city? In contrast, would you expect an employee to accept a pay cut to move to the less expensive city? If you worked in the human resources department of a company that asked employees to relocate for job transfers, would you use these calculators? Why or why not? Use the Cost of Living Comparison Calculator at Enter two cities and a salary level to compare. You will use the information from the calculator in a discussion in this unit. As you know, the total cost of living varies greatly across the United States. In addition, specific types of expenses can vary greatly in two locations. Think of downtown parking in Manhattan, New York City, versus rural living in Oklahoma. There are salary calculators online that compare the cost of living in different cities, but they cannot account for everything. Fundamentals of Human Resource M Author: Raymond Noe; John Hollenbeck; Barry Gerhart; Patrick Wright ISBN: 1260431983 Read Chapter 12, “Establishing a Pay Structure,” pages 354381. Read Chapter 13, “Recognizing Employee Contributions With Pay,” pages 382408. Read Chapter 14, “Providing Employee Benefits,” pages 409443.