Conduct an Investigation of a Clinical Governance or Clinical Practice Issue

1) Quantitative study 2) Qualitative study 3) Secondary resource ( systematic literature review) In order to pass this assignment, you must successfully address each of the criteria outlined in the Assignment 4 marking rubric (provided). THE CHOSEN CATEGORY FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IS “Healthcare Associated Infection”. I would like to choose “hand hygiene” as part of this topic. The research would be somewhere among the lines of: “would the 5 moments of hand hygiene reduce healthcare associated infection in the ward?” (EXAMPLE) It must be in a ward setting. Find 3 “studies”: one is quantitative, one is qualitative and a secondary resource (systemic literature review). Introduction: Definition of clinical governance introduce papers. Body: Talk about statistics and risk management. Summary of findings from articles and how you used the CASP tool for each article.