Defend how nature helps in our knowledge of and about God.

Defend how nature helps in our knowledge of and about God. Many people connect with God as they celebrate the beauty of creation. The sounds of the ocean, a mountain view, a starry night and other vivid scenes from nature can create a sense of awe and wonder. In these times, what do we learn about God? How does natural revelation enhance our views of God? What can we learn about God just from nature in and of itself without help from written revelation? God in Nature Paper Read Chapter 8 from the textbook by Curtis titled Transformed Thinking: Loving God with All Your Mind. Download and read the document titled The Significance of General Revelation to Our Understanding of God located in Course Documents. After reading these two sources carefully, follow the instructions below: Write a 3 page paper that pulls together the responses to the questions below. Summarize the paper with how the information impacted you. To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need thoroughly addressed: Questions 1-6 on page 152 of Curtis. What was a general supposition of theologians about our contact with nature? Give Guthrie’s six arguments as to how philosophers and theologians have used their understanding of the world to point us to the existence of God. In what two other areas have we found the idea of general revelation useful? From your readings and research, evaluate the differences between general revelation and special revelation.