Defend YOUR Upward Mobility Path: Financial Analyst Career

The purpose of this writing assignment is to learn and practice the skill of finding, using, and documenting reliable and relevant research data, and employing the MLA format of both citing quotations and using paraphrases. You are showing that you know how to locate specialized information and present it in your writing. You will also be practicing the first triad of steps from the Toulmin Method of Argumentation. You will view this assignment as an argument against an imaginary person about why you should (or should not) pursue this college major, OR this career choice, OR this company/non-profit. You are defending your choice. Introduction and Claim (minimum one paragraph): First, explain what first brought you to this particular major/career choice/or company—before having done any research. Is it something you have always been intrigued by? Why? Do you already have some personal experience in this field? What would that be? Then, write this statement: “I should (or should not) pursue this major/career/company/non-profit.” Data One/ Grounds: Description (two paragraphs—use at least one to two reliable research sources): This is a formal explanation and description of this career or profession. How is it defined, and explored, by the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics? How does a job site describe it? What is the job description? What does this person do? What are the other related professions? What is the national average salary for this professional? What is the average for the Bay Area? Data Two/Grounds: Preparation for the Career one to two paragraphs—use at least one to two reliable research sources): What type of schooling and training is necessary? How many years will it take? What are the best schools or training programs for this profession? Find some job postings for this profession. In the case of a specific company or organization, study what is on their website. Find examples of resumes for this type of professional. [Commercial websites such as; can help with this; I will also show the class other sources to consider for research.] What do you keep noticing when you look at job postings and resumes for this profession? (You must Interview a professional in this field/area and ask what that person’s preparation was. Otherwise, interview a professor who teaches in a discipline related to the field/area.) Data Three/Grounds Forecast/Outlook/Quality of Lifestyle (two or more paragraphs-use several reliable research sources): What is the projected growth for this career? Is it declining? Growing? Is there a need for this in the future? What are the pros and cons of working in this profession? Find a current newspaper headline about this career, or related to this career. What does this news article reveal about this career? [will use our library research database services] Find the major professional/academic journal for this career. What does a recent article title reveal to you about the current status of this career? [will use or our library research database] Find the official website of a major professional organization for this career. What can you discover from their article selections? [find as a link on and its Occupational Outlook Handbook page] Drawing Your Conclusion/ the Warrant (one to two paragraphs): Now that you have conducted this research, and considered all of this as evidence/data/grounds, you should (or should not) pursue this major/career/company because? Summarize why this will or will not work for your upward mobility path.