Describe and analyze key components of your organizations’ Employee Wellness Plan, is it effective, what would you change?

part 1. Read the article Get Healthy or Else in the module. (A) What key components of the article stick out to you and why; knowing that health care costs are escalating, what components of Scotts’ plan do you think have merit; what would you caution or have issues with, etc.? Explain your answers. (B) Describe and analyze key components of your organizations’ Employee Wellness Plan, is it effective, what would you change? [If you don’t have one, provide suggestions for one]. Note: This forum is set so student must start a new tread before they can read and reply to other threads. Also, this is a randomly-assigned group forum so please read and respond to each group member. part 2.Your HR team is preparing an orientation program for employees interested in working abroad. Give a cultural and informational report of a country of your choosing. [This could a country you see your organization setting up a facility in a host country, or just one you are interested in learning more about.] I’ll give you until Friday to post your original content (instead of Wednesday), I’ll have the forum set up so students need to post prior to being able to read other threads. Respond to at least five other posts, but make sure to skim through the majority of posts to familiarize and expand your cultural knowledge. Please organize your post so they are easy to read. This post is worth more points than usual (20 vs. 10 … 15 for content, 5 for responses). 1. Select a country of your choice (this could be one your company is looking to work with or one of your personal interest) 2. Look up and report #s using Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions (link provided in module), then analyze using these results (what does that mean, for example relate to how these impact work culture – think how this information could be utilized in cross-cultural training) 3. Equalize the purchasing power: include useful information that would help determine the compensation package (do some research), include things like: tax rate, cost of housing (comparison to Chicago/US), and others like transportation, education (kids), relocation costs, etc. Cite your information. 4. Political Environment: briefly describe government, current issues or conflicts, impact of politics on business – what would be helpful to know prior to going. 5. What would be the major adjustment factors – could be things like physical environment (urbanity), communication styles, food/cuisine, driving/transportation, etc.