Describe Art Deco: from French luxury, Jazz Age, hand-made design to American streamlining and styling.

Formulate a research question and then break it down into component parts, sections or themes.Reference the cultural/social/political/historical milieux within which your designers or movementexisted. It is important to consider the influence your chosen topic has had on contemporary design.You must provide the sources of all information in the form of in-text citations using the HarvardReferencing System, and a Bibliography listing all of your sources at the end of your essay. You willbe penalised if you do not adopt the Harvard System. Refer to the guidelines available on Moodle.Structure your essay: it should have an Introduction, Main Body comprising about 70% of the essay,and Conclusion, followed by your Image Sources and a Bibliography listing all of your reliable sourcematerial, with a minimum of 5 academic resources required: 2 books & 3 scholarly articles/journals.Word count: Approx. 2,000Marking Criteria (weighting 60%)MLO 1 Research: Apply research skills using an appropriate range of scholarlysecondary sources, from selected library books & articles/journals 25%MLO 2, 3, 4 Analysis: Demonstrate an understanding, evaluation & analysis of yourchosen topic, applying critical approaches to literature and context 50%MLO 2, 3, 4 Communication: Successfully communicate in a coherent written stylewith clear presentation (images, referencing, grammar, Bibliography) 25%Total 100%