Describe Expedia nears Deal to Sell Stake to Silver Lake and Apollo.

Use the concepts learned from the text as well as from outside sources (at least two [2] are required) for compiling the response to each Discussion Question. Cite the sources used in the Discussion Question posting as well as in the peer responses IAW APA Format.Important: Your grade for the responses you post in our Discussion Area will be determined not only by your responses to the assignment questions, but also by your responses to your fellow students’ postings. Be sure to reply to at least one posting for each Discussion Question. Otherwise, five points will be deducted from your grade. Summary: Expedia, led by Barry Diller, is expected to hand board representation to the investors as part of the deal, which could be announced this week, people familiar with the matter said. The investment is likely to total around $1 billion, the people said. Other details couldn’t be learned. The talks could still fall through, and Expedia could opt to raise funds another way, including in a public-debt offering, the people cautioned. The cash could tide the Seattle company over until travel restrictions are lifted and the economy can recover from its steep drop-off.Application: This article is an opportunity to discuss how companies in sectors negatively impact by the Covid-19 pandemic are funding themselves, including by way of private investments in public equity (“PIPEs”). This transaction is the second in as many weeks involving Silver Lake and a travel-related company (last week’s transaction announcement was with AirBnB).Questions:- In connection with declining demand, what steps has Expedia taken with respect to its balance sheet and investor communication and why?-What led to the departure of Expedia’s CEO and CFO in December and how has Expedia been managed since?-What have Expedia’s peers been doing in connection with the Covid-19 crisis?-Why have Apollo and Silver Lake been so active recently? What do you think are the risks and opportunities associated with a prospective investment in Expedia?