Describe Forum on Planning a Tour Group Trip to Egypt

Let’s say you are a tour guide and are preparing to take a class of college students to Egypt for an educational trip. Please describe one object or structure that you have learned about in this section (or anything else that is pertinent from ancient Egypt) that you would absolutely have to visit and why. Does your choice of object or architectural wonder epitomize the ancient Egyptian culture? What are its characteristics that make it so important for you to share with your students? What are a few of the elements of this object or architecture that you would discuss? In your rebuttal or reply to another student’s (tour guide’s) post, there are two options. Either – please find a way to politely poke holes in their argument. Did they miss a crucial characteristic of that object that is important to know prior to seeing it? Did they not convince you that their choice is worthy or exceptional enough to visit? Or, explain how they did convince you into going on their trip to Egypt and what about their explanation stood out as a success. Is there anything else you could add to their description or understanding of the object?