Describe New idea proposal and idea validation

Assessment Description. You are to prepare a new idea proposal and idea validation. This assessment can be presented in your chosen format and should not exceed 1500 words. This assessment will focus on LO1 and LO2 and will draw from Workshops 1 to 4. Assessment Details ? This is an individual assessment and you are to generate a new venture, product or service idea. ? This idea can be a social, product or service innovation. ? This idea can be intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial, however it must be new. ? You are to show ownership validation and demonstrate how it was developed. ? You should include a brief discussion in your market validation and show initial assessment of risk, cost, opportunity and environmental factors. ? You will then make a general recommendation for the market potential of your new idea. ? The word limit for this assessment is 1500 words maximum and you are to choose your own written format that you feel best articulates your proposal and validation. ? Whatever your preferred format, your document should still include standard components from a business report, such as a title page, executive summary, introduction and conclusion. You should also support your report using figures and tables and offer secondary source evidence where required.
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