Describe Religion in America

The purpose of the assignment is to develop the skill to access and use National Religion Databases. You will analyze various databases and will use your findings in this assignment as a tool for other assignments in this course. Assignment Description: The assignment is to do a computer search of National Religion Databases. Discover and list four database sites and then select two that you will review. Steps to Follow: 1) Read the section at the end of each chapter of your textbook, RELEVANT WORLD WIDE WEB SITES and/or perform an internet search for other national religion databases. 2) After reviewing a number of websites such as or the Pew foundation website, list four of the national religion database websites you investigated. You do not need to provide a parenthetical citation for each website. Just listing them is sufficient. 3) Select two websites from your list above and analyze them. 4) Write a 150-300 word summary analysis for each of your two selected National Religion databases. The analysis should cover the type of data on the site, an example of statistical data from the site, and a statement of how the database will be useful in the study of the sociology of religion. Relevant World Wide Websites from textbook Churches for Middle East Peace: Sexual Trauma Institute: Consultants on Religious Tolerance page on religious violence:
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