Describe Robert Sanchez Vilella.

he key is use publications created by authors who directly observed the public figure. Internet articles are usually not primary sources!3. Students evaluate their leader by analyzing the leader’s behaviors using the Five Practices of Effective Leaders by Kouzes and Posner; Students should have approximately one half page of analysis for each practice.4. Students must describe how their leader illustrated one leadership theories studied during the course of this semester. For example, Abraham Lincoln’s leadership style used situational leadership by… This analysis should take approximately one half page.5. Speculate on this person’s DISC profile, their dominate three strengths from Strengthsfinder, and the four letter personality profile. Provide a summary of what you believe, based on your research, their DISC profile would represent, three strengths that Strengthsfinder may have identified, and their probable personality profile (four letter code) and why. This should take approximately half of a page