Describe Sexual arousal and response cycles.

Specifications:  5-6 pages (anything over is fine, but pretty please no more than 10). This page limit only includes the text of your paper, not the title page or references, an abstract isn’t necessary for a homework assignment.  Y   (I will not accept the paper if you don’t attempt APA style) Paper:For this paper I want you to review any topic in the Psychology of Human Sexuality that interests you.  You can literally pick anything you want to review as long as it’s related back to the science of studying Human Sexuality in some way. A review question for a smaller paper like this should focus on a narrow question of interest within a field.Basic Format:You can feel free to stray from this basic format, but this is just to help for people who may be lost in how to structure a research review paper.  Title page (no abstract needed)Introduction – what is the question you are asking and what do you already know about it…or think you know about it?The Body – take a paragraph or two to discuss each of your sources, and how they help to answer your research question separatelyNearing the conclusion – How does the research you found tie together to complement each other to answer your question.  Additionally, do the articles contradict each other at all?