Describe the effects of flexible contracts on employees performance and private and the business impact in the Netherlands.

Is all data presented relevant to aims and objectives? Is the analysis thorough and appropriate to the data collected, depending on the research methods used? For example: – Do the appendices contain a data matrix, and details of statistical analysis undertaken? Is statistical analysis correctly performed and interpreted? – Do the appendices contain data collected and analysed such as interview transcripts? Has qualitative data been systematically analysed? – Has the validity and reliability of the sources been addressed? Has quantitative or qualitative data been systematically analysed? Are the findings presented clearly and interestingly for the reader, with useful tables and charts embedded in the text and with the appendices being used appropriately for bulky and/or less interesting/essential data? Have the findings been discussed and evaluated? Have the finding of the primary research been compared and contrasted with findings, theories, models and concepts derived from the literature review?