Describe the Ethical and Professional Issues

Entire assignment should be 4-6 pages, plus a title and reference page 6. Telepsychology is an emerging area of practice. To be in compliance with Standard 3.04, what factors must a psychologist consider in order avoid harming the client. 7. Dr. Jones has been working with a 14-year female for a few months. The adolescent has just revealed that she has been engaging in self-injurious behavior, cutting, for the past month. The client also revealed that her parents are unaware of her behavior. Discuss the ethical dilemma that Dr. Jones must address, and steps she might consider in deciding whether and how to disclose confidential information. 8. A major hurricane has swept through Dr. Bordens small rural town. There were many casualties and loss of life. Many of the residents have gathered in the community center. Dr. Borden has decided to go to the community center and offer his services to the individuals in the center. Discuss the ethical responsibilities Dr. Borden has under Standard . 9. Discuss the underlying principles related to the psychologists duty to document and maintain documentation related to their professional services. Describe the guidelines that determine what should be documented. 10. Health care insurers often deny insurance reimbursement for certain DSM classifications that are common among clients served by psychologists. Discuss the ethical issues related to upcoding a disorder in order to obtain reimbursement for services.