Describe your organizational chart using complete sentences and paragraph form.

Create an Organizational Chart outlining the functional areas of business including, but not limited to: Accounting/Finance, Information Technology, Social Media/Networking, and Operations/Production/Logistics. Provide a description of a specific job/title that aligns to each functional area and explains via the chart how the various functions communicate/align with each other. Please use the same company that you selected from your unit 5 assignment to complete this assignment.

Produce an organizational chart and an explanation of the chart:

a chart containing an organizational chart without any explanatory text
description of the organizational chart but without any graphic

You may use the template provided or create your own chart. The chart must depict the organization of a company or organization of people. Your chart must contain 12 or more boxes, spread over 3-5 levels. You may not reproduce a chart from your textbook or a chart used as a demonstration in class.

Follow a standard format for your chart. In your reproduction, you may modify the number of boxes and the number of levels in the chart in order to make the chart fit the assignment specs;

Provide an appropriate title for your chart. You may also modify the labels in your reproduction.

Description of the Chart

Describe your organizational chart using complete sentences and paragraph form. List the key activities and discuss how the business tasks handled by each area are important to the other functional areas of each organization. Your goal is to provide enough information so that you can clearly explain each level of the chart and how communication is aligned between each functional area.

Assignment Parameters
Accurate description and reference of all concepts and theories learned from the course material.
Practical examples of concepts that lead to a continuing interest in the topic.
Synthesis of concepts and theories from other course activities.
Well-organized clearly presented work (free from excessive spelling and grammatical errors)
Ensure use of the assignment rubric.
Word document containing the organizational chart and description.