Develop various ratios on total sales, ROI and Profit analysis, and other ratios necessary to explain your projections for 6 years

This strategic business plan project is to enable students connect all their learning in the course with the CESIM simulation and the application in the real world. The Project aims to engage students in learning activities where they will apply knowledge gained during the course, and in so doing, work to achieve the learning outcomes.
a) This is a group project report by maximum 5 members.
b) You are required to prepare a 10 to 15 page strategic business plan for your organization based on CESIM.

Project Overview
This is a group strategic plan paper based on the simulation and all activities in the class. The report should start in week 5 at the commencement of the simulation because it is expected that students will continue to work on the project and incorporate changes made to the decision based on various factors and environmental changes.

Your Team’s Task
Your team is in charge of all decisions made by your company in the simulation. You will use this project to reflect on all decisions made (previous years), and will make in subsequent years. Each week represent a year, it is therefore important you look at a long term plan using various changes your company will face in each market as well as the strategic moves made by your competitors. It is important you clearly articulate where you are now, where you are going and also how you intend to meet your vision as a company.
Your presentation should be broken into these sections:
A) Background Information
Company overview – Name and Logo, various products and their factures and specifications, and any other information you feel you need to provide. Please include your mission, vision and core values and key management staff and their responsibilities.
B) Current Situation and Trends
Detail information on the market, competition, macro and microenvironment, and trends, including size and growth rates for the overall market and any key segments. Industry analysis, target customers, competitive analysis and advantage
C) Key Issues and Objectives
SWOT analysis for the organization and state how you intend to build on your strength, identify and pursue your opportunities, minimize your threats and improve on your weakness. Please state 4 SMART objectives for 6 years. The objective should cover: marketing and sales, production, research and development, finance and accounting.
D) Marketing Strategies/Action Plans
Detail steps and actions your team will take to meet each of the objectives for the 6 years. This should include what you have done in previous years and your long term plan and strategy for coming years. Also include overall strategy and operational tactics for each year
E) Key Performance Indicator
Develop various ratios on total sales, ROI and Profit analysis, and other ratios necessary to explain your projections for 6 years
F) Financial Projections
Financial statements for each year