Dietary/Soluble Fiber in Patients with Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2)

FN 255 Nutrition I Research Assignment Guidelines The curriculum must reflect the scientific basis of the dietetic profession and must include research methodology, interpretation of the literature, and integration of research principles into evidence based practice. Course Learning Outcome: Define functions of nutrients in the human body. By completing this assignment students will: o Gain factual knowledge o Learn fundamental principles, generalizations, or theories o Locate scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles o Analyze research methodology o Interpret research findings o Evaluate conclusions of the authors o 1. Use the Nutrition Research Guide to locate three peer reviewed research articles that meet the following requirements: o All articles MUST be from peer reviewed journals o One article MUST utilize an experimental research study design (1) o One article MUST be an observational research study (2) o One article MUST be a review or meta-analysis (3) o The article MUST research the function of a nutrient or the nutrients impact on human health o The article MUST be published within the last five years o The topic should be an area of interest o SEARCH TIPS: ? Limit your search results to peer-reviewed sources, published after January, 2013 ? Be specific in your search ? Read a bit of the article before you decide to use it 2. Save a copy of the article as a PDF file o Title the file with article #, your name, followed by a few words from the title 3. Review the grading rubric at the end of this document to make sure your articles meet all requirements. 4. Use the articles to complete the research summary. Summary and Discussion 1. Read the articles and write a one to three page paper that includes the following content: o Provide an overview of the nutrients functions as described in the articles o Describe the pertinent research methodologies in the articles that use the experimental design and observational design o Discuss the findings of all three articles o Discuss conclusions made in the articles regarding the nutrients functions and health implications, including how the authors arrived at their conclusions based on the data collected in their research o Discuss your analysis of the research in all three articles o Explain how the information in these articles can be applied in your future career field 2. Use APA formatting for this paper: o Title page o APA formatted running head o Reference page o In-text citations o Appropriate headings o Your content must be paraphrased or cited as a quote. o Note: Limit the paper to no longer than three pages, not including the title and references pages. 3. Review the grading rubric at the end of this document to make sure you have completed for every requirement o Upload your completed paper to the Research Summary Assignment Dropbox Suggested headings and overview of content: Introduction o Provide an overview of the paper Functions and Health Implications o Discuss the functions and health implications discussed in your articles Research Design o Discuss the research design and methodologies of the experimental and observational articles. Include a discussion of the sample studied in the research and how the study was conducted. Findings and Conclusions o Summarize the findings of your articles and explain how the authors arrived at these conclusions Analysis o Discuss your interpretation of the research. Explain how the methods, findings, and conclusions informed your interpretation of the articles and the nutrients functions. Application o Discuss how you will use this information in your future personal or professional life. (My Professional life is Nurse Practitioner) I will upload articles I would like used please
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