Discuss Employee Morale and Employee Performance.

In this assignment, you will be constructing a psychological measure and conducting reliability testing on your scale. You will be required to: 1) Perform a reliability analysis on the data and calculate Cronbachs alpha and the interclass correlation coefficient (ICC) for the scale, assessing inter-item correlations and revising the scale until an appropriate alpha is achieved and, 2) Write this information up into a very brief paper that includes a theoretical introduction to the topic, a method and results section in APA style. For this project, you will be required to: PART I: 1.) Create a psychological measure of a construct consisting of 15-20 Likert-type items. The content of the measure is up to you, within the following constraints: (a) Your measure must fall in the domain of social, clinical or personality psychology, liberally conceived; and (b) The items may not ask about sensitive behaviors (e.g. drug use, sex, illegal behavior) or constitute a significant invasion of privacy. You must clear the topic of your scale with Dr. Flynn prior to collecting data. For this part, you will need to turn in: (a) A copy of your items and the scale anchors (b) A brief description of who your sample will be and how you will access them. PART II. 1.) Administer your measure to 20 subjects. Ten of the subjects should be adults aged 18-25. The other ten should be older adults ages 45+. Try to get roughly equal numbers of males and females in your samples, and have your subjects identify their gender and age (to identify the groups) on the questionnaire. 2.) Perform a reliability analysis using SPSS. You should report and discuss the following in your analysis: Means and standard deviations for each item; item-total correlations for each item; and the internal consistency reliability coefficient (alpha). On the basis of these results, delete your worst item(s) from your scale. Explain in your writeup why you chose to delete them (in other words, what makes them bad items?). Recompute the internal consistency reliability (alpha). Did it change? In what way? Explain why or why not. 3.) Using the final version of your scale, compute the mean and standard deviation of the scale for your total sample. Then compute the mean and standard deviation separately for your young adult and for your older adult sample. Calculate an independent samples t-statistic for the difference in means between your young and older adult sample (you can go back to your statistics course for tutorials, videos, and information for this analysis). 4.) Write an APA-style description of your work. Your write-up should include the following: a. Title page b. Abstract, in APA style, not to exceed 120 words c. Brief introduction (2-3 paragraphs) to the issue you created your scale to measure. Your introduction should contain references to at least four psychological articles on the topic. d. Detailed methods section, following APA style. Start off with a (very short) Participants section- how many subjects participated? What was the breakdown by gender? Then have a Measures section. Describe how you actually developed your scale. What kind of response format did you use? Why? Did you balance the wording of your items? Why or why not? What kinds of issues did you take into account in the wording of your items? How was your scale scored? etc. etc. Include a table showing the items of your questionnaire. Finish with a (short) Procedure section, where you describe what you actually did. Where and how were participants recruited? How many people refused to participate? Did you have to throw out anybodys data? Why?