Discuss Ethical and Professional Issues

Read Decoding the Ethics Code Chapter 12 Assignment 10 Suicide and Risk Assessment Case Analysis In this assignment you are required to perform a suicide/risk assessment utilizing the following assessment tool, located in the Resource section of your syllabus. Suicide Check List: Ways to Assess Suicidality, also located in the Resource section of your syllabus. It is suggested that you print the form and checklist, fill them out, scan and upload as a pdf files. Review this weeks video and the article on suicide, as well as the reading assignments on suicide prevention and assessment. Using the above Assessment tools, please evaluate the following vignette for risk and suicidality. consider culture in your assessment. Naomi, a 16-year old Native-American female, is brought to your office by her parents after they found scratches on Naomis wrist and a note saying, I just wish I wouldnt wake up in the morning. Triggering event is reportedly seeing her boyfriend with another girl at school. The parents report that Naomi is an excellent student and always has been a happy child. During her adolescence, she reportedly became moody and irritable, with fits of rage when she doesnt get her way. When she was 15, Naomi apparently told her best friend that she planned on overdosing on her fathers pain pills, but the best friend told Naomis parents and this was intercepted. The incident at that time was also over rejection by a boy at school. Currently, Naomi is an excellent student, has no physical ailments, denies substance use and shows no signs of psychosis or mania. Mother tells you that Naomi sleeps a lot, sometimes 12 hours on the weekends, eats very little at dinner, and has gotten quite thin. Father is worried about his daughter as she is not the same little girl that adored him. Both parents are fearful that Naomi will harm herself. In session Naomi appears annoyed and denies intent to harm herself. She tells you, Im fine. Everyone is over-reacting. My parents just need to chill. Theyre smothering me with their ridiculous worry. Family history reveals suicide attempts by Naomis mother when she herself was an adolescent due to chronic abuse by her alcoholic father. Mother denies suicidal ideation at present, and is on antidepressant and antianxiety medications. She does reveal that her paternal grandfather was an alcoholic who killed himself when his wife left him. Naomis father is a police officer, currently on disability. He suffers from chronic back pain, and is prescribed narcotics for pain management. Both parents are adamant that their medications are safely kept and that Naomi has no access them.