Discuss how does social media usage negatively affect children and adolescents dealing with depression?

2) You may first introduce your topic, provide rational for the study (e.g., introduction of your topic, definition of key concepts, related statistics and other relevant facts, related theories, implications, and/or application values), literature reviews on this topic, RQs (or hypos, and reasoning or justification for your claim, or hypothesis), and detailed method section for your research paper. If you need any guidance as to how to structure your paper, please refer to the “research proposal paper structure guideline” posted on this Bb site, right below this link. You do not have to have all of the elements, this is just a sample guideline, but it should help you visualize how a typical research proposal paper is structured.

3) Please save your research proposal in MS Word file, and include your name in your file, as in “SaraSmith_ResearchProposa.doc”and make sure to submit it to me via the digital dropbox before the due date.

4) You all are to receive numerical grades, but if you want to receive detailed comments on your research proposal content and your writing/APA from me, please add a note to indicate that you would like to have feedback.