Discuss how Lysistrata contains elements associated with New Comedy

Although most sources on Lysistrata categorize it as Old Comedy, many who study Aristophanes see this play as a watershed moment at which the genre shifts and begins to introduce some of the elements we will see become common in New Comedy.

For this exam, discuss how Lysistrata contains elements associated with New Comedy.

How to answer this well:
• This is not a research paper; you should NOT look at any sources other than what we have for class.
• Structuring your discussion by topic rather than by play will help a lot.
• Be sure to use information from our sources and document where you are getting that information. You do not have to include a bibliography, but you do have to cite via parenthetical citation where the sources and quotes are coming from.
• When you talk about episodes in the plays, you don’t need to spend time explaining how the characters got there in the plot. If you find yourself summarizing plot action, ask yourself if you’ve strayed away from the topic/point you’re making.
• You do not need to include a general introduction about the nature of comedy or the history Lysistrata; I know it’s comforting to write a general intro, but in a short paper, it’s important to dive right in to the topic and spend the space on enlarging your discussion.