Discuss how were these two dances similar and how were they different.

TAP DANCE:Syncopated Ladieshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQtIFc0ktOUBALLROOM DANCE:WSS16 Professional Salsa Cabaret World Champions Ricardo Vega & Karen Forcanohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXOuzMZ8TtU For example, how did the choreographer use:space: shape/line; level; direction; focus; points on the stage; floor patterns(s); depth/width; phrases; repetition; and transitions.time: speed/tempo; pulse/underlying beat; rhythmic pattern; time signature/meter; no counts at all; breath/emotional phrasing; stillness; and words/text/sounds/silence.energy: dynamics and qualitiesLOD concepts: springing, rotation, stepping, pathway, levels, shape, uplift/weightedness, gesture, flexion/extension, balance/off balance, breath, contact, etc.Write about what stood out for you and what you felt was significant in the dance and why. Detailing why you are making a specific statement is the most important part of a dance critique. Discuss music, costumes, lighting and set design when relevant. Repeat Questions 2-4 for the second dance you selected to analyze. Note: You do not have to answer the questions in the order they are listed here.Conclusion – To conclude your paper, discuss how were these two dances similar and how were they different?