Discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used.

You are applying for a position with the juvenile court as a prevention specialist. As part of the interview, the juvenile judge has asked you to put together a 10–15 slide PowerPoint evaluating three current prevention and diversion programs used to prevent or deter juvenile delinquency, abuse, and neglect. The judge had also expressed difficulty locating programs for the growing Hispanic and Samoli populations within the community. That includes programs that understand the cultural differences among these various groups. Use three of the slides to create an outline of a new program that may work based on your evaluations that address the various cultural needs of Hispanic and Samoli groups within the community. Your project should provide an analysis of the three programs you will reference. This includes a detailed overview of each program. Include an overview of the statistics. How successful is the program? This is determined by looking at recidivism or relapse/return rates. Evidence based practice should drive your individual program. How does the previous, researched programs fail to support or support various cultural needs? Be sure to use the speaker notes for any lengthy information. NOTE: This Assignment may require outside research. Use research sources including academic journals to support your work.Discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used.