Discuss in detail the components of a successful advertising campaign.

This project will challenge you to create a radio commercial for your product. You can use whatever strategies, and programs you feel comfortable using. I suggest using garage band on an apple computer, as this will provide you with the tools to easily edit your commercial and add music or sound affects. There are video tutorials on how to use this software online. This project requires you to produce 60 seconds of airtime. You can use the 60 seconds all together, or do a series of shorter commercials that can be aired at various time slots. (totaling exactly 60 seconds) Post these audio files in a wav format under the appropriate links provided. Make sure that your commercials fit within your strategy, and be ready to explain why and how you expect them to work for your industry. Each ad must be accompanied by a narrative that describes your strategy, posted in Canvas with your assignment. We will discuss in detail the components of a successful advertising campaign. Make sure that yours has a theme, is consistent, non offensive, and uses one of the strategies that we will cover in class. Your attendance in class will allow you to provide specific details in your project, as covered in course lectures.