Discuss Positioning, and the importance of using Gel Pads and Foam Pads during surgery

Topic: Positioning, and the importance of using Gel Pads and Foam Pads during surgery Aim of the assignment: Facilitate the planning of your capstone experience at the end of your degree. Applied synthesized knowledge and skills to explore the professionally relevant topic. Demonstrate higher level applied written communication skills. Details: This assessment task provides you with the opportunity to outline a capstone experience that will enable you to demonstrate how you have integrated applied and reflected on the knowledge and skills gained through your master course. It is an opportunity to apply your extended knowledge and skills to the professionally relevant topic area. The choice of topic is up to you. In developing your plan, it is useful to consider that the topic area needs to be: Relevant to your professional area of practice Sufficiently complete and achievable in the one-year time frame. Measurable against stated learning outcomes In this outline of your capstone experience you are required to provide/ consider: A rationale for your choice of topic A well-informed conceptualization of the capstone experience, supported by relevant literature. Individual learning outcomes for your capstone experience The steps you will take to develop and operationalize your capstone experience project. A critical reflection model of framework to support your reflections throughout the capstone experience. Marking criteria and standards: Exceptional outstanding clear, concise introduction of the area of change. Justification of topic cogently argued. Excellent overview of area to be addressed. Includes a clear relevant statement about the relevance of the topic to their learning and professional area. A well-developed discussion that makes relevant and insightful links relevant to their professional area. Background addresses in detail the relevant and significant challenges in achieving project outcomes. An extensive range of relevant literature (mainly primary sources) have been synthesized and used to support all area of the background discussion. Learning outcomes clearly outlined and articulated outcomes include concrete active verb are measurable and contextualized. An exceptionally well-articulated and accurate discussion of the steps involved in the development of the capstone experience in presented. A persuasive argument is developed to demonstrate exceptional insight into the choice of capstone experience. Justification of critical reflection model chosen exceptional, clear and concise. Outstanding use of an extensive range of relevant literature. Discussion and synthesis is detailed and has depth.