Discuss privacy in the Constitution

WRITER: 366464 See GRADING CRITERIA (see attachment) for proper structure/layout of your case study. 2 Examples: Make sure the Exegetical Method is applied (The task of exegesis involves looking at the biblical text and setting forth your understanding of the text in a way that is comprehensible to others and illuminating for yourself and for them). The conclusion is strong and clearly summarizes the research presented in the body of the paper. Page Count: 3.5-4 pages (be careful not to go over 4 pages) This case study must have a Christian worldview integrated throughout. ***Bluebook Citation Required – Harvard Law Review, Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation*** Case study instructions: Topic: privacy in the Constitution Briefly describe the case of Planned Parenthood of Southeast Pennsylvania v Casey – https://www.oyez.org/cases/1991/91-744 – , text page 459465. In your case study, explain the important aspects of this case from the perspective of each group of justices opinions. Demonstrate how the justices used privacy in the Constitution and how its understanding has caused a difference in opinions. Things to show in the case study: Define what is meant by privacy in the Constitution. Explain how privacy relates to the right to an abortion. Contrast the various arguments for and against the right of privacy as it relates to marriage, abortion, procreation, sodomy, and the right to die.