Discuss Procurement Integrity Act

read a journal article on issues addressing acquisitions. the article needs to describe the major sources of procurement standards and garner an understanding of the Procurement Integrity Act. Give a few good examples of issues. The journals must be research oriented, such as those found in https://www.au.af.mil/au/aul/periodicals/dodelecj.htm or related journals. This means the article should cite references at the end of the article. After reading the article, you should prepare a one page paper discussing the article and provide a summary. I want to see some of your own thoughts as you conclude the paper. I have included the reference, thank you for your help. Reference: Cox, T. M. (2011). IS THE PROCUREMENT INTEGRITY ACT “IMPORTANT” ENOUGH FOR THE MANDATORY DISCLOSURE RULE? A CASE FOR INCLUSION. Public Contract Law Journal, 40(2), 347-392.