Discuss robots mapping and The machine that lives forever

+ the sources have to be from https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/ IEEE xplore digital library + The references of the proposal should be ( IEEE reference style) + on the paragraphs no need to write the name of the author and the date ,,, the references have to be mentioned as a number at the end of the paragraph . the next paragraph is a note from my supervisor as i uploaded a document from my supervisor which is related to the work Using an existing platform at Essex. The intent of this research is to train a group of self sustaining micro robots to evolve collective behaviour with the minimal knowledge of the outside world. Information available will include approximate range and id number of the the colleagues. Everything else will be learnt over time by evolutionary algorithms to learn behaviour such as language, coding strategy, knowledge of others demeanour, survival strategy, feeding patterns, sleeping patterns, breeding and finally death. The machine that lives forever will also be considered in this offering using Powercasting.