Discuss the impact of chemical process

REPORT: Critical Analysis of the Environmental Impact of Chemical Processes Identify a human-made chemical process (or series of processes) that has undergone changes in recent times to reduce its environmental impact. Critically examine and comment on the appropriateness of the changes. Suggest other alternatives and why they may not have been adopted. Assessment criteria a description of the chemical process in question 15% an analysis of the environmental impact of the original process 15% a discussion of possible changes that can be made to reduce the environmental impact and the reasons behind the choice of alternative 40% a comment as to the appropriateness of the chosen alternative 20% Appropriate presentation, structure, referencing, assignment length 10% The examples outlined in this course (tetraethyllead, synthetic surfactants, DDT and CFCs) provide some background on the type of structure that may be appropriate but are not to be used as examples for this assessment.