Discuss the Impact of Switching Cost on Customer Loyalty in the Insurance Industry.

(1) To identify the factors that affect health insurance product customers switching behaviour in the insurance industry. This can help to determine the most important factors that influence customers switching behaviour based on health insurance product . To remain competitive, insurancing sectors are required to understand their customers to not only anticipate but also the cause of insurancing switching behaviour (Ebert, 2009). Besides, this action can meritoriously avoid the detrimental consequences of defection, and improve long-term relationships with customers. (2) To identify the barriers that avoid customer switching to an other insurance company. (3) To identify the possible costs to the customer while switching insurance providers. (4) To identify the suitable action for the insurance company on customer retention. A critical matter to be deliberated in the present day is that societies must be certain of any measure for decreasing customer defections is a suitable action, as most publishment (Keiningham et al., 2005) specified obviously that the overheads of customer acquisition are fundamentally far higher than the cost of customer retention. In this assignment, i would like you to work as follow 1. Introduction: – Background of the insurance industry – why it is important to understand the switching costs in order to prevent customer switching to the other brand. 2. Industry based facts & figures & information of health insurance product 3. Customer Switching Behaviour 4. Theoretical framework of switching behaviour 5. Customer loylaty 6. type of switching 7. Attractiveness of alternatives i also uploaded a file called idea, those are work i did for this topic, but with highly plagiarism combined with different work, only for you to get an idea Also please write around 8 Hypothesis while writing those section such as H2: There is no correlation between customer switching resistance and service quality. H3. There is a positive correlation between good quality of service and customer please send me one draft while you half done