Discuss The impact of Turkey secularization: The case of African military intervention in Syria.

Ordered chapters: ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, LITERATURE REVIEW, HISTORICAL BACKGROUND AND KEY CONCEPTS, CONCLUSION. Other chapters of dissertation have been already done (see uploaded document). Ordered words: 6325 (23 pages) I kindly ask a writer to strictly follow the word count for each chapter: 1. ABSTRACT (250-500 words) 2. INTRODUCTION (800-1200 words) 3. LITERATURE REVIEW (800-1200words)- must be CRITICAL- please consider all resources, examine position on the whole dissertation (including analytical part). I will upload 2 documents: already written analytical part with bibliography, and resources necessary to be used in this part + add your sources and bibliography. -I will upload the document with 17 resources. Please, use them, they will definitely help you to write this paper. Feel free to add more resources. (can be internet and media, however academic literature is preferred as far as this section is mostly about the history). -Please try to express following opinion: The main research question is: What is the Impact of Turkey securitization basing on the case of Afrin military intervention in Syria? The question was chosen because it can be a useful addition to academic literature as far as most of the academic literature focuses on legality/illegality of the operation, on explaining factors and case description, on impact of the Afrin operation on Syrian state, however the literature with the examination of the effect of the operation on Turkish state (based on securitization) is considerably limited and not integrated. The reason might be also because of the recency of the intervention. The operation was medialised worldwide, so the data were collected mainly from internet resources with the aim to be absolutely biased. 4. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND AND KEY CONCEPTS (together aprox. 2000-2700 words): Must include: Turkeys position on Syrian crises, securitization of Kurdish question, Turkeys security concepts (terrorist organizations,…), ambitions of AKP and Erdogan (linked to securitization): -Historical background: Examining Turkey position on Syrian Crisis: continuation and change (please, base this research mainly on added literature). 3 PHASES OF TURKEYs POSITION ON SYRIA (+ KURDISH THREATS) should be examined: a) Pre-conflict rapprochement (2002-2011)- desecuritization- very briefly in a few sentences as far as this is not ultimate interest b) Dramatic turnover (2011-2016) since the beginning of the Syrian war- deterioration, securitization (Erdogan’s, AKPs ambitions),… c) Offensive action (since 2016)- securitization in action, military operations Euphrat Shield and Olive Branch -CASE DESCRIPTION- Operation Olive Branch- briefly introduced- What was it? When did it take place? Who was targeted? Why?- to defend Turkeys national security (security border) + further ambitions (Neo- Ottomanism, Erdoganism, balancing international relations,…) -TURKEY SECURITY CONCEPTS- Turkey security, general outlines, concept, Aims and objectives- national security (see added resources: “Turkeys Perspectives and Policies on Security Issues”. ISIS, PKK, PYD, YPG,… -concepts recently influenced by the policy of AKP and President Erdogan 5. CONCLUSION (1100+ words), (can include recommendations)- based on the analytical part (uploaded document) to answer the research question. To examine whether Afrin operation was necessary and “effective” based on the analyzed impacts on Turkeys domestic and international affairs.
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