Discuss the impacts of Child emotional abuse

Structure of the assignment text [a template] Title [Name your problem, not the solution] 1.Outline [In short: What is your social innovation cause about: problem, objective and strategy for the solution.] (50 words) 2.Research (800 words) a.Definition of the problem. [Various definitions are possible. What is your definition? Why?] b.Social map of the problem. Which groups (stakeholders) are affected, involved or potentially resourceful for a solution of the problem? c.Why is it not solved yet? [Define it as one of the six social innovation steps. Justify your pick of step.] d.Critical factors (at least three) [Conditions, causes, values, attitudes and actions that contribute to the problem. Single out the most significant ones.] e.Alternative solutions (at least three) [Possible and/or tried solutions.] f.Your preferable solution [Which of them do you prefer?] g.Rationale: Justify your choice by comparing your solution (as social innovation) with the other alternative solutions. [Tip: Your solution must be realistic. It is OK to be small, partial. It must be workable; that is a short social media campaign could make a difference.] 3. Strategy (600 words) is your objective? [A single objective would suffice.] Define it by three elements: change (of knowledge, attitude or behaviour?) among publics (use the social map, who do you want to mobilise?) the end of the semester (for seven weeks) [Tip: For example: I want to [type of objective] among [concrete publics] by the end of the semester. Research the audiences. For example, what are their demographics? What are the differences between the groups involved in the problem and social media audiences you would like to engage? What media do the latter use? Why is the social innovation critical to (changing) their perspectives and/or behaviour?] is your strategy? [Objective means what; strategy means how.] Define the following two or three elements of strategy: strategy: You will be using three media. WordPress website and Community/Cause Facebook page and the first two. You are free to choose the third one among Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or other social media. [Tip: Justify your choice by the issue profile and publics involved. Ultimate rationale is how you see those media working together.] strategy: Justify name of campaign, tagline (if applicable) and its message. strategy (if applicable) [In short: the true results you hope to achieve] (50 words) References At least five academic and non-academic references. As a researcher you must always use evidence, including references (to data, facts, debates and an primary research), to prove each of your claims.
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